Wildtribe: Request for Website Proposal / Estimate

These projects are completely custom built from the ground up. You will be assigned a project consultant who will stay with you throughout the development process. Because of the complex nature of what you want to do, more emphasis is placed on planning and laying the right foundation. It is likely that this project will be broken into phases with various timelines, deliverables and fees associated with each phase.

The goal here is to set clear guidelines by which to measure progress and accountability and at the same time, to protect you, the client, from stepping into a relationship that isn't going to work out. We realise this is not pocket change and we want to give you every opportunity to evaluate our service and competence as we go.

1. Type of Project

Check all that apply:

Logo Design

Corporate Branding

Web Design (from scratch)

Web Design (redesign)

Specific Add-On to an Existing Site




Database Application

Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Systems Integration

Contracted Consulting




2. Goals and Objectives of the Project

Please describe your project. Be specific and if at all possible, use examples from existing websites (or parts of websites) that you may want to model your project after.


Describe your target audience--not only in terms of demographics, but also in terms of sophistication and/or industry mind set. Do you sell to businesses or consumers? And what types of businesses or consumers?


An effective website clearly directs its users as to what to do. Most sites don't have a site for the sake of having one. You spend time and money on your site because you want it to do something for your organization. These 'somethings' are called action items. What are the different things you want your users to do when they come to your site? (ex: buy a book, fill out an estimate request, sign up for a newsletter, become a member, etc.)


What SPECIFICALLY must happen by the end of the project for you to consider your money well spent and the project a success? Please use tangible and analytical measurements if at all possible! (examples: "I want at least a 50% increase in traffic"; "I want to increase my conversion ratio"; "I want the site launched by December 1st.")

3. Design

Do you have a logo that you are 100% happy with (we can't build a site that you'll love if we have to work with a logo that you're not crazy about!)?

Yes, I am happy with my existing logo
Yes, I have a logo, but it needs some work
No, and I'd like Wildtribe to design a logo for me
No, but don't need a logo

We will get more into the design issues if we move forward. But for now, please give some ideas of the type of design you are looking for. Talk about general layouts and themes. (ex: "I'm looking for a fun site that kids will love." or "I'm looking for a cutting edge site with sophisticated interfaces.")


We know that it's not often possible to define a site in terms of number of pages. But if you had to ball park it, how many pages do you think your site will have?

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a website is worth millions. Please show us some sites that you either like or want to model design or functionalities ideas from. Please be descriptive so we know what to look for (and double check your URLs!). Or, feel free to simply tell us what you are looking for.

4. eCommerce

If you don't require credit card processing for your project, you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, check all that apply.

I have a product catalog with various products.

I sell a custom service of which the price varies on a case-by-case basis.

I only have a handful of products so a shopping cart system wouldn't really make sense for me.

I'd rather use PayPal to save on ecommerce costs even though I realize that PayPal will restrict the design and functionality of my ecommerce system.

Additional comments or requirements for ecommerce?


5. Ongoing Services

Check all that apply.

I would prefer hosting with a company recommended by Wildtribe

After launch, I'd prefer a monthly maintenance agreement to a case-by-case support system.

For a monthly fee, I would like Wildtribe to actively market my site after launch.

I'd consider spending money on pay-per-click campaigns (such as Google or Overture) to drive traffic to my website.

6. Priorities

We presume you are shopping around. Eventually you will have to compare us to other firms based on many factors. Please tell use your top 3 considerations in choosing a development partner. Please only check three.

Estimated Cost

Quality of Past Work

Recommendation of References

Quality of Code

Friendly Staff

Personal Attention

Ability to Meet Deadlines

Thoroughness of Proposal

7. Budgets and Timelines

What is your approximate budget limit?









Any comments and/or concern regarding costs and pricing?

8. Final Comments

Any last words on comments that we should know about?

9. About You


Full Name












State or Country


Post code





How did you find us? If by a search engine, it would be great if you could recall the search term you used!



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